Month: January 2019

Physicists record “lifetime” of graphene qubits

Researchers from Durch and elsewhere have recorded, the very first time, the &ldquotemporal coherence&rdquo of the graphene qubit &mdash meaning how lengthy it may conserve a special condition that enables it to represent two logical states concurrently. The demonstration, which used a brand new type of graphene-based qubit, represents a vital advance for practical quantum […]

The 10 largest US venture rounds of 2018

Three U.S. companies elevated greater than $1 billion in only one funding round in 2018, annually by which&nbsptotal deal value for U.S. startups is anticipated to surpass $100 billion the very first time. Typically, it had been the typical suspects, you will find, SoftBank was an adjunct in a number of these models. Here&#8217s phone […]

Leg nerves activated by light offer new path to restoring mobility

The very first time, Durch scientific study has proven that nerves designed to express proteins that may be activated by light can establish limb movements that may be adjusted in tangible-time, using cues generated through the motion from the limb itself. The process results in movement that’s smoother and fewer fatiguing than similar electrical systems […]

Consumer advocacy groups call on FTC to investigate kids’ apps on Google Play

A coalition of twenty-two consumer and public health advocacy groups, brought by Campaign for any Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) and Center for Digital Democracy (CDD), have today filed a complaint using the Ftc asking to research and sanction Google for the way its Google Play Store markets apps to children. The complaint claims that Google features […]

What history could tell Mark Zuckerberg

Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg obsessed over the wrong bit of history. Or else didn’t study his preferred slice of classical antiquity carefully enough, faced, as he now is, with an existential crisis of ‘fake news’ simultaneously undermining trust in his own empire and in democracy itself. A recent New Yorker profile — questioning whether the Facebook founder can fix […]

New threat to ozone recovery

Captured, the Un announced some much-needed, positive news concerning the atmosphere: The ozone layer, which shields our planet in the sun&rsquos dangerous ultraviolet radiation, and that was seriously depleted by decades of human-derived, ozone-destroying chemicals, is on the path to recovery. The dramatic turnaround is a result of rules set through the 1987 Montreal Protocol, […]