Month: April 2019

Digging into key takeaways from our 2019 Robotics + AI Sessions event

Extra Crunch offers members the opportunity to tune into conference calls led and moderated by the TechCrunch writers you read every day. This week, TechCrunch’s Brian Heater and Lucas Matney shared their key takeaways from our Robotics + AI Sessions event at UC Berkeley last week. The event was filled with panels, demos and intimate […]

Can science writing be automated?

The work of a science writer, including this one, includes reading journal papers filled with specialized technical terminology, and figuring out how to explain their contents in language that readers without a scientific background can understand. Now, a team of scientists at MIT and elsewhere has developed a neural network, a form of artificial intelligence […]

Can a Patient’s Fart Ignite During Laser Surgery? | MythBusters Jr.

Adam and the Busters investigate multiple internet reports that during a laser surgery treatment a patient’s intestinal gas was released at an inopportune moment and the operating room went up in flames. Is it fact or flatulent fiction? The MythBusters are on the case. Stream Full Episodes of MythBusters Jr.: Subscribe to Science Channel: […]

Unit 7 Practice Test 1 for IM1

This is a review for the Unit 7 Test on Transformations and Congruence. Read more:

Is Spider Silk Stronger Than Steel? | MythBusters Jr.

In Spider Silk vs. Steel, Elijah, Cannan, and Allie test the age-old eight-legged myth that spider silk is stronger than steel. Stream Full Episodes of MythBusters Jr.: Subscribe to Science Channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Read more:

“Nanofiber yarn” makes for stretchy, protective artificial tissue

The human body is held together by an intricate cable system of tendons and muscles, engineered by nature to be tough and highly stretchable. An injury to any of these tissues, particularly in a major joint like the shoulder or knee, can require surgical repairs and weeks of limited mobility to fully heal. Now MIT […]

Twitter acquihires highlight sharing app Highly

Quotes from articles are much more eye-catching than links on Twitter, so the social giant is scooping up the team behind highlight sharing app Highly. This talent could help Twitter build its own version of Highly or develop other ways to excerpt the best content from websites and get it into the timeline. Twitter confirmed […]

Midsegments of Triangles – Module 23.4

Midsegments of Triangles are the segments that join the midpoints of the sides of a triangle. They are parallel to the 3rd side, and half as long. Read more:

Altitudes of Triangles – Module 23.3 (Part 2)

An altitude of a triangle is a segment perpendicular from a vertex, to a line containing the opposite side, giving the orthocenter. Sometimes they’re inside the triangle, outside, or on the triangle. Read more:

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs

A novel technique developed by MIT researchers rethinks hardware data compression to free up more memory used by computers and mobile devices, allowing them to run faster and perform more tasks simultaneously. Data compression leverages redundant data to free up storage capacity, boost computing speeds, and provide other perks. In current computer systems, accessing main […]