Month: July 2019

Hydration sensor could improve dialysis

For patients with kidney failure who need dialysis, removing fluid at the correct rate and stopping at the right time is critical. This typically requires guessing how much water to remove and carefully monitoring the patient for sudden drops in blood pressure.  Currently there is no reliable, easy way to measure hydration levels in these […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing

Around the first of every year, you’ll hear a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions. Network television, radio shows, podcasts, and blogs all run features on the topic. Then around the start of summer, the subject comes up again as people realize the year is half gone. Often, they realize their resolutions have been […]

Saturn’s Perfect Hexagon | NASA’s Unexplained Files (Full Episode)

What could make a NASA astronaut report seeing a flying saucer in the skies above a US Air Force test range? How have the swirling gases of Saturn formed a perfect Hexagon that has hovered above the planet’s pole for 30 years? Stream More Full Episodes of NASA’s Unexplained Files: Subscribe to Science Channel: […]

11 Tips to Hire Freelancers Without Losing Your Mind

It’s true: looking for a new freelancer can be a pain. But there are times in the life cycle of every business when you’ll need to find someone to do freelance work for you. Maybe it’s because your business is expanding rapidly, but it doesn’t make sense yet to hire a full-time employee. Or maybe […]

China plans e-cigarette regulation as industry booms

China is taking steps to regulate its blossoming vaping market as health concerns over electronic cigarettes increase in recent times. China’s National Health Commission has begun research into e-cigarettes and plans to issue legislation for the industry, said the head of the health authority Mao Qunan at a press conference this week. The attempt came […]

Tuna are spawning in marine protected areas

Marine protected areas are large swaths of coastal seas or open ocean that are protected by governments from activities such as commercial fishing and mining. Such marine sanctuaries have had rehabilitating effects on at-risk species living within their borders. But it’s been less clear how they benefit highly migratory species such as tuna. Now researchers […]