Month: July 2019

The boring genius of how Atrium kills legal busy work

Law firms have little incentive to build or buy software that will save their lawyers time because they often bill clients by the hour. Tasks like tracking down legal documents, extracting key information and drawing up hiring offers or funding term sheets add up to make lawyers expensive, even if they’re constantly repeating mindless busy […]

Engineers 3-D print flexible mesh for ankle and knee braces

Hearing aids, dental crowns, and limb prosthetics are some of the medical devices that can now be digitally designed and customized for individual patients, thanks to 3-D printing. However, these devices are typically designed to replace or support bones and other rigid parts of the body, and are often printed from solid, relatively inflexible material. […]

DigitalMarketer’s New Funnel Strategy That Increased Trials by 700%

We’re not lying, this really happened. We were able to increase our in-funnel trial take rates by 700%, and we’re going to tell you how. In digital marketing, whenever you’re not getting the results you want, usually it’s because of: Your offer Your funnel strategy At DigitalMarketer, we realized that we weren’t just doing one […]

Researchers solve mystery of how gas bubbles form in liquid

The formation of air bubbles in a liquid appears very similar to its inverse process, the formation of liquid droplets from, say, a dripping water faucet. But the physics involved is actually quite different, and while those water droplets are uniform in their size and spacing, bubble formation is typically a much more random process. […]