Ingestible capsule can be controlled wirelessly

Researchers at Durch, Draper, and Brigham and ladies&rsquos Hospital have designed an ingestible capsule that may be controlled using Bluetooth wireless technology. The capsule, which may be customized to provide drugs, sense ecological conditions, or both, can live in the stomach not less than per month, transmitting information and answering instructions from the user&rsquos smartphone. […]

Lift Aircraft’s Hexa may be your first multirotor drone ride

I was guaranteed jetpacks, but let&#8217s be truthful, they&#8217re simply unsafe. So a pleasant drone ride is most likely all we ought to reasonably expect. Lift Aircraft may be the latest to create a play for that passenger multirotor market, theoretical because it is, and it is craft is really a sleek little factor with […]

A Hot Tub Filled with Liquid Sand | Outrageous Acts of Science

YouTuber Mark Rober built a modified hot tub and filled it with sand. See what happens when he turns on the jets! Check out Mark’s video here: Stream Full Episodes of Outrageous Acts of Science: Subscribe to Science Channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us […]

Surviving one of Earth’s most extreme environments

Even just in Earth&rsquos most inhospitable environments, existence has had hold. Extremophiles would be the&nbsporganisms best-noted for withstanding extreme temperatures, pHs, salinity, as well as nutrient-starvation. They’ve evolved special mechanisms that assist them to survive within their environments, but dealing with the foot of that resilience requires targeted and systematic interrogation. At Yellowstone and other […]

This Freak Ice Storm Destroyed Houses in North America | What on Earth?

The ice swept in slowly, but powerfully. It’s called an ice shove. Stream Full Episodes of What on Earth?: Subscribe to Science Channel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Read more:

Report: Morgan Stanley lands coveted Uber IPO role

Uber has apparently selected Morgan Stanley to guide its approaching dpo, news which grew to become public a week ago once the ride-hailing giant&nbspfiled confidentially using the U.S. Registration&nbspfor an IPO expected within the first quarter of 2019. Uber&#8217s choice, first as reported by Bloomberg, uses a several weeks-lengthy putting in a bid war, of […]