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A tech intervention to tame tuberculosis

For tuberculosis patients, complying with a full course of treatment can be daunting and difficult. But a new experiment conducted by MIT researchers in Kenya, in collaboration with the digital health company Keheala, shows that a digital program used on mobile phones helps patients successfully finish their treatments. The program created interactive communication between patients […]

A much less invasive way to monitor pressure in the brain

Traumatic brain injuries, as well as infectious diseases such as meningitis, can lead to brain swelling and dangerously high pressure in the brain. If untreated, patients are at risk for brain damage, and in some cases elevated pressure can be fatal. Current techniques for measuring pressure within the brain are so invasive that the measurement […]

Model predicts cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s, up to two years out

A new model developed at MIT can help predict if patients at risk for Alzheimer’s disease will experience clinically significant cognitive decline due to the disease, by predicting their cognition test scores up to two years in the future. The model could be used to improve the selection of candidate drugs and participant cohorts for […]

Hydration sensor could improve dialysis

For patients with kidney failure who need dialysis, removing fluid at the correct rate and stopping at the right time is critical. This typically requires guessing how much water to remove and carefully monitoring the patient for sudden drops in blood pressure.  Currently there is no reliable, easy way to measure hydration levels in these […]

Can a Patient’s Fart Ignite During Laser Surgery? | MythBusters Jr.

Adam and the Busters investigate multiple internet reports that during a laser surgery treatment a patient’s intestinal gas was released at an inopportune moment and the operating room went up in flames. Is it fact or flatulent fiction? The MythBusters are on the case. Stream Full Episodes of MythBusters Jr.: https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/mythbusters-jr/ Subscribe to Science Channel: […]