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Study measures how fast humans react to road hazards

Imagine you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of an autonomous car, cruising along a highway and staring down at your smartphone. Suddenly, the car detects a moose charging out of the woods and alerts you to take the wheel. Once you look back at the road, how much time will you need to safely avoid […]

For CEOS: How to get your team thinking video first … even if they’re camera shy

For CEOS: Ways to get your team thinking video first&nbsp&hellip even when they&rsquore camera&nbspshy I&rsquoll be honest: I&rsquom camera&nbspshy. That&rsquos difficult, particularly when you&rsquore Chief executive officer of the video platform&nbsp&hellip however i know I&rsquom not&nbspalone. I hear this constantly using their company leaders and firms I speak with. There&rsquos something, well, just a little […]