STEM Geek & Proud Technology Apple releases first beta of iOS 13.1, indicating iOS 13 is nearly done

Apple releases first beta of iOS 13.1, indicating iOS 13 is nearly done

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Surprise, Apple didn’t release yet another beta version of iOS 13. The company released the first developer beta of iOS and iPadOS 13.1 instead.

This is a curious move, as Apple doesn’t usually share beta versions of .1 updates before the release of major updates. What’s even more surprising is that Apple released new beta versions for watchOS 6.0 and tvOS 13.0 today.

So Apple just posted the first beta for iOS 13.1…?

— Federico Viticci (@viticci) August 27, 2019

Chances are that iOS 13.0 is pretty much done by this point. Usually, Apple releases major versions of iOS a few days after announcing the new iPhone — the press event will likely take place at some point in early September. The company might release iOS 13.0 a bit earlier than expected this year.

Apple removed some minor features in iOS 13 in early beta versions of iOS 13. As MacRumors spotted, many of those features are now back in the beta version of iOS 13.1. Those features include Shortcuts automations and the ability to share your ETA in Apple Maps.

It’s clear that Apple is trying to make iOS 13.0 as stable as possible, even if it means releasing some features a bit later this fall.

We need to really get used to the fact that WWDC's "What's coming in iOS 13!" is about what is in *13*, not *13.0*.

And, honestly, I'm a fan of that. Show me what's coming for the next year, but don't rush shipping because of some arbitrary X.0 marketing need.

— Curtis Herbert (@parrots) August 27, 2019

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