STEM Geek & Proud Technology AWS signs on to defend itself in Oracle’s JEDI RFP lawsuit against US government

AWS signs on to defend itself in Oracle’s JEDI RFP lawsuit against US government

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Just whenever you didn&#8217t think there might be anymore drama within the Government&#8217s decade-long, $10 billion JEDI contract RFP, the plot thickened again a week ago when Amazon . com Web Services (AWS) became a member of the U.S. government like a defendant in Oracle&#8217s suit within the Government&#8217s handling from the contract RFP process.

Earlier this year, Oracle filed a complaint within the U . s . States Court of Federal Claims alleging the JEDI RFP process unfairly favored Amazon . com, the single-vendor decision (which won&#8217t be produced until April) violates federal procurement rules which two people from the JEDI team were built with a conflict of great interest due to previous affiliations with Amazon . com Web Services.

AWS filed documents to participate the situation, proclaiming that due to the claims being produced by Oracle, it’d an immediate stake within the outcome. &#8220Oracle&rsquos Complaint particularly alleges conflicts of great interest involving AWS. Thus, AWS has direct and substantial economic interests on the line within this situation, and it is disposition clearly could impair individuals interests,&#8221 the organization&#8217s attorneys mentioned within the motion.

The Motion to Intervene like a Defendant was approved by U . s . States Court of Federal Claims Senior Judge, Eric G. Bruggink within 24 hours.

What each cloud company could bring to the Pentagon’s $10 B JEDI cloud contract

Oracle filed a complaint alleging basically exactly the same difficulties with the federal government Accountability Office captured, but the GAO found no wrong-doing inside a ruling recently. Oracle made the decision to accept situation to the court, where it’s had some high-profile wins recently,&nbspincluding its case against Google over its utilisation of the Java APIs.

The JEDI contract RFP has attracted attention for that length, how much money on the line and also the single-vendor selection decision. This can be a contract that each cloud company badly is fine with having. Oracle makes it obvious it&#8217s not quitting with no fight, while Amazon Web Services promises to defend itself against Oracle&#8217s claims.

Putting the Pentagon $10B JEDI cloud contract into perspective


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