STEM Geek & Proud Technology Gamelearn closes $5M Series A to develop video games for corporate training

Gamelearn closes $5M Series A to develop video games for corporate training

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Gamelearn, which develops game titles to provide corporate training, has scored $5 million in Series A funding. Taking part in the brand new financing round is previous backer Kibo Ventures, together with Oak3Capital, All Iron Ventures, UL Invest, and Inveready.

The Madrid-based startup states which will make use of the new capital to improve the organization&rsquos manufacture of &#8220serious games&#8221 and reinforce its worldwide presence. It presently has subscriber base of two,000 clients, spanning 50 countries. Individuals clients include LG, Thyssen Krupp, UPS, Hyundai, P&ampG, KPMG, Tetrapak, and Merck&ampCo.

Founded in 2007, Gamelearn is trying to change the organization training industry via its in-house developed game-based learning solutions and gamification for corporations. Its game titles and simulators are made to &#8220train, communicate, inform, raise awareness and interact&#8221 employees. The organization&#8217s founders are Ibrahim Jabary, Mai Apraiz and Eduardo Monfort, all of whom practical knowledge in corporate training.

Their take would be that the startup&#8217s bespoke game titles and simulators may be used to meet an array of corporate needs, for example internal communication, digital transformation, control over change, leadership training, settlement, personal time management, customer support, product training, project management software or compliance.

&#8220Corporate training is boring and non-engaging,&#8221 Gamelearn co-founder Mai Apraiz informs me. &#8220Only 30 % of e-learning classes are completed, meaning 3 from 4 dollars committed to e-learning are wasted by corporations all over the world. We create fun and interesting training encounters that permit our clients to attain a 93 percent completion rate&#8221.

Apraiz states these encounters are delivered through high-quality content, gamification, and simulation in one product, which, she claims, not one other company does. &#8220The quality in our games is the greatest on the market. You are able to compare our products by checking our competitors&#8217 websites against our very own. That&#8217s why we’re probably the most awarded game-based learning company on the planet&#8221.

Proof that European tech information mill more and more thinking globally, including pan-European, Gamelearn not just sells its products globally, but offers &#8220Customer Success&#8221 support in 4 different languages, and also the startup&#8217s games are converted right into a dozen different languages.

On Gamelearn&#8217s business design, Apraiz states the organization sells licenses to experience its games around the Gamelearn platform or on other commercial Learning Management Systems it integrates with. &#8220We sell projects in addition to subscriptions,&#8221 she adds.


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