STEM Geek & Proud Technology Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state”

Virtual reality gaming and the pursuit of “flow state”

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Maggie Lane


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Maggie Lane is really a author and producer of virtual reality encounters so they cover the for a number of publications.

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You have to stop procrastinating. Maybe it&rsquos here we are at some&#8230

Bulletproof Coffee, Modafinil, nootropics, microdoses of acidity, caffeine from coffee, caffeine from bracelets, aroma therapy, noise-canceling earphones, meditation, custom co-working spaces, or productivity apps?

Whatever your decision, workers today (mainly in the tech industry) will a single thing to become more lucrative.

What we should seek is the fact that elusive, perfect focus or flow condition. Based on researchers, someone in flow are experiencing too little feeling of self, a loss of fear, and time distortion. It’s peak performance along with a euphoric high. All of your happy neurotransmitters fire, as well as your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex performs differently &#8211you don’t second guess yourself, you basically just flow in to the next stages from the activity at hands. And you will be performing in the greatest level possible. Sounds amazing, right?

But how can we invite this condition in? An in depth piece in Fast Company outlines how extreme sports (professional surfing, steep incline skiing, skydiving etc.) would be the quickest approach we take to&rsquove found to make use of human flow. Yet, these hobbies are simply that &#8212 extreme. They might require a lot of skill and could be harmful. For instance, Steven Kotler, an innovator in flow condition research, broke almost 100 bones as a journalist researching the subject.

Everything leads to our collective (and incredibly American) dependence on input versus output &#8211are we experienceing this most possible using the energy we place in? For the features at our disposal, we like a society are continuously declining in productivity in the future.

In 2014, a Gallup Poll found the average American worker only spends a depressing 5% of the day in flow. A 2016 Atlantic article hypothesized the primary reason why we&rsquore decreasing in productivity like a workforce is the fact that we&rsquore not presenting technology rapidly enough. Tech like robotics and smartphones could give a productivity push, but aren&rsquot being built-into work. Business models are suitable for the big part not too not the same as ten years ago. Essentially, we&rsquore bored &mdash we&rsquore not challenged within an engaging way, therefore we&rsquore working harder than ever before but achieving less.

What if stepping into flow condition may be as simple as playing a relevant video game?

Game play in RaveRunner

When i first met Job Stauffer, Co-Founder and CCO at Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment&nbspwhen I had been, actually, procrastinating from work. I had been scrolling through Instagram and saw a clip of Job playing RaveRunner. When I love rhythm games, I immediately requested a build. Yet, I&rsquod soon discover this wasn&rsquot only a simple VR experience.

RaveRunner was designed for Vive, but easily ran on my small Rift. Initially when i first walked in to the game, I felt a little overwhelmed &#8212 there is lots of dark empty space similar to something from TRON. It had been just a little frightening, that is really very useful for entering flow condition. However, my fear soon dissipated as before me would be a transparent yellow lady (Job calls her &ldquoGoldie&rdquo) dancing using the beat &#8212 supplying a moving demo for game play. Unlike the hacking nature of Beat Saber in which you smash blocks with lightsabers, in WaveRunner you touch blue and orange glowing circles together with your controllers, and move your entire body towards the rhythm from the music.

There&rsquos a softer, feminine touch to WaveRunner, also it wasn&rsquot just Goldie. Behind the style of farmville is really a lady, Ashley Cooper, who’s the developer accountable for the game play mechanics that will help a person achieve flow. &ldquoBeing within the flow condition is amazingly rewarding so we strive to help individuals achieve it by creating encounters like RaveRunner,&#8221 states Cooper. RaveRunner is really a game you will get lost in, by stimulating a lot of senses it enables you to definitely enable your greater level ideas be a waste &#8212 you feel purely reactionary and non-judgemental.

Essentially &#8212 flow.

After playing nowadays to have an hour, I known as Job and learned much more about his company. Aside from RaveRunner, Orpheus has additionally folded out two other encounters &mdash MicrodoseVR and SoundSelf. I received my first hands-on demo of three products in a single sitting in a cannabis technology event in La, Grassfed LA. Grassfed is particularly aimed at greater brow, hip tech enthusiasts and also the Orpheus suite of merchandise your style in.

When I lay inside a dome with meditative lighting a subwoofer purring below me SoundSelf provided probably the most profound encounters I&rsquove ever endured in VR. I chanted right into a microphone and my voice directly influenced the visuals before me. It felt like my spirit, the God particle, anything you want to it, had been stimulated all these sensations. It had been this type of beautiful experience, but additionally was pure flow. I felt 2 minutes pass within the experience. I’d have bet one hundred dollars about this. However I was inside for 10. Time didn&rsquot seem sensible &#8212 a vital indicator of flow condition.

Next was Microdose VR. When i first attempted Microdose VR in 2016 in the Esalen Institute in Big Sur. Esalen may be the birthplace from the human potential movement, so it was fitting it had become there, where I initially understood the potential for VR for transformational encounters. Almost every other experience I’d attempted as much as that time have been First Person Shooters or 360-marketing with video pieces. And never to slight individuals encounters, but It seemed like VR must have the ability to do MORE. Android Johnson&rsquo Microdose blew my thoughts. As with SoundSelf, I completely lost tabs on time. I had been directly impacting visuals with my body system movements, and seem would be a big factor too. It had been the very first time I possibly could easily imagine remaining in VR for hrs. First and foremost, it had been an event which was only possible within VR. The sport was the greatest euphoric hurry I&rsquove felt in VR, which feeling happened again only at that event.

We’ve the ability as customers to play games that match intrinsically with self-care but frequently don&rsquot have possibilities. Job was propelled lower this path as he requested themself &ldquoif I invest 1 hour of time each day into playing a relevant video game, what’s going to Personally, i profit from that point invested, and can I have time remaining to complete genuinely good stuff personally?&rdquo

Orpheus is pioneering the fusion of game design with traditional self-care practices like meditation, dance/exercise, hearing music and creating art: &ldquoIn short, we just want players to feel amazing and also have zero regrets regarding their time spent playing our games, letting them leave knowing they’ve leveled up themselves, rather of the in-game avatars alone.&rdquo

One factor that can make it simpler that people try these encounters are portable headsets like the ViveFocus and also the Oculus Quest. Being untethered allows people for traveling VR wherever they might go. Job sees this fundamental shift right in front of us, as &ldquovideo games and self-care have to do with to get one out of exactly the same. A paradigm shift. For this reason all immersive Orpheus Self-Care Entertainment projects is going to be engineered with this crucial wave of VR.&rdquo

Orpheus isn’t a VR-only company, although their first three encounters truly are for VR. Because they expand, they aspire to speak in confidence to a number of kinds of immersive encounters, and therefore are constantly searching for projects that align using their holistic mission.

In the finish during the day, I really like that Orpheus is trying to make use of an element of the market that so anxiously needs their attention. When we don&rsquot make self-care a main issue with VR today, only then do we&rsquoll continue using VR like a distraction from, compared like a tool to boost, our lives.

For me, combined with the peppermint tea, grapefruit candle, and music which make my focus possible, I&rsquoll certainly be adding some Orpheus games into my flow repertoire.


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