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What to expect from CES 2019

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The timing is&hellip under ideal. Just like the market is dealing with a vacation-caused hangover, we&rsquore thrust in to the country&rsquos largest electronic devices show. The timing, obviously, isn’t coincidental. The show is supposed to provide a preview for that tech year in the future.

A lot of companies enjoy CES&rsquos pace. It&rsquos a 5-day deluge of tech news, and, for a lot of, it&rsquos the biggest platform they&rsquoll get all year long. The show is rather unique in being able to juggle bulletins all sizes of companies, from Samsung to startup, all vying for any little mindshare.

Recently, its focus has shifted. Many bigger companies have opted to create bulletins by themselves stages &mdash as well as their own terms. CES, meanwhile, has altered accordingly, offering smaller sized companies a platform through showcases like Eureka Park, while making automotive and transportation a far more essential plank from the show.

We&rsquore in regards to a week from CES really starting off in serious, therefore it&rsquos time to have a look at a few of the trends which are starting to emerge within the lead-to the big show.

5G past the phone

5g illustration taken during the inauguration of the Media group Altice' s Campus in Paris on October 9, 2018.

5G illustration, taken throughout the inauguration from the Media group Altice&#8217 s Campus in Paris on October 9, 2018. (Photo by ERIC PIERMONT / AFP)

The large tech story of the season won’ doubt be also the centerpiece of CES. The main U.S. carriers have previously dedicated to moving out 5G in 2019, therefore the show marks an ideal chance for hardware companies to obtain the experience, too.

Anticipate seeing lots of news from component makers about this front, Apple especially. Qualcomm mostly showcased its 2019 choices at its summit earlier this year, but the organization won’ doubt drill lower on specifics, such as the ways that next-gen wireless will push IoT, automotive along with other devices past the smartphone (more about that below).

Actually, I anticipate that&rsquos the big story here: 5G&rsquos role beyond mobile. The large carriers &mdash AT&ampT, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint &mdash are set on demonstrating the way the faster technology could keep us gulp more connected than ever before. That&rsquos likely to affect from enterprise products to health-monitoring wearables and smart home devices.

It&rsquos the next where things are always-on &mdash and drawn on straight into your money.


Barring any unforeseen trends, VR&rsquos likely to mostly need to sit that one out. We&rsquoll likely visit a trend toward cheaper, standalone headsets &agrave la the Oculus Go, but many information mill presently much more thinking about what augmented reality holds within the short-term.

AR&rsquos immediate future is 2-pronged. Most developers are centered on leveraging existing devices like tablets and smartphones, using ARKit/ARCore. But numerous headsets/glasses have previously started to appear around the periphery. Expect lots of these to be display in the show as startups make an effort to convince us it&rsquos an event we have to bring straight to our collective faces.


As noted, automotive/transportation is becoming an more and more important presence at CES in the last many years. Vehicle stuff now comprises a complete hall and some of the keynotes, as automakers invested more in tech breakthroughs and also the electronic devices aspect.

Numerous key trends happen to be beginning to emerge in front of the event. As with past years, anticipate seeing an emphasis on on-site demos of EV and self-driving technologies. Augmented reality &mdash including mind&rsquos up displays&nbsp &#8212 is a big area of the showcase, and so will smaller sized transport products, including delivery robots.

Smart Home

The smart home ruled this past year&rsquos show. 5G is anticipated to accept title in 2019, but connected home products won&rsquot quit with no fight. They&rsquore likely to be EVERYWHERE. From door locks to cameras to microwave to wall timepieces &mdash if you’re able to name it, you will see a good version at CES this season.

It&rsquos the main one category that practically every company both small and big have a hands in. That stated, two big names by having an elevated presence are likely to drive a lot of the conversation. Since getting the Echo and residential to promote, CES is becoming an more and more important show for Amazon . com and Google. Expect Alexa and Assistant on everything at CES.


Point about this has, admittedly, recently been detailed within my recent “Top smartphones trends to watch in 2019” publish. Obviously, what really will get announced at CES is really a different conversation altogether. For just one factor, more information mill opting to create big bulletins in their own occasions. For an additional, Mobile World Congress is simply more than a month away, also it&rsquos been recognized to take lots of smartphone wind from CES&rsquos sails.

That stated, I&rsquod anticipate seeing a number of 5G handsets displayed in the show. Even though CES 2019 most likely won&rsquot be considered a watershed moment for future years of foldable smartphones, we&rsquore getting a closer inspection in the final form of Royole&rsquos handset. I’d also anticipate seeing lots of foldable concepts hinted at, even while the ultimate product it’s still a ways away.

2018 was the most difficult year for smartphones in recent memory. As a result, most companies feel pressure to complete some soul-searching and return to enter board. If little else, a minimum of we&rsquoll acquire some interesting concepts from the deal.


Another year, another K. This season, 8K will greatly function as the factor. It&rsquos like 4K, however with more Ks. Could it be useless? Type of. Could it be awesome? Sure. Mostly, however, it&rsquos the most recent reason to help you get to upgrade that three-year-old TV that set you back three several weeks&rsquo rent.

Companies happen to be revealing 8K sets for half ten years now. This is actually the year manufacturers will truly get seriously interested in we’ve got the technology &mdash although the same most likely can&rsquot be stated for content.


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